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This is a brief presentation about the first and the last atomic bomb ever dropped until today. Both in Japan at the end of the WWII.
By: Maribel
Views: 14670
Slides: 18
Time: 06:33
Opción 2 (Para reflexionar): En su práctica como docente y/o ciudadano, piense en una ventaja que haya observado al desarrollar un proceso apoyado por las tecnologías de la información y la (more)
By: rebeca83
Views: 3877
Slides: 5
Time: 01:38
The oral presentation of the course project that is about The Speech Event
By: Laura Sànchez Mas
Views: 3741
Slides: 6
Time: 05:57
By: rachel_92
Views: 7166
Slides: 12
Time: 05:23
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